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Sea of Dreams

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Sea of Dreams

I was solid staring at the one of greatest power on earth “the Sea”, it was supernatural, wonderful, massive and roaring, the power that is so mysterious that’s why we love the sea. One wave after another, tiny or tremendous, they just keep coming depicting phases of Life.

Sea feels so calm and relax a cold air touches every senses and gives cold chill walking near shore. Whatever kept coming in my mind just washed out when I watched waves after another for a long time, till stars shining bright and wind forced to lost in tranquility at that moment

“ To go out with setting sun on an empty beach is truly embrace your solitude”

Jeanne Moreau

I feel blessed to experience that many times

When we gaze at sea it impersonate as massive & rough being and when we lay down in arms and embrace it and look inside he feels tranquil and has deep secrets we cant even imagine or just able to discover.

Just like monk practicing Buddhism, a inner peace, full of vibrant thoughts and a Meditating and speaks with soul.

when I was little kid I remember those things, I did at place mangeshi (Ponda) where I got my name, i used to slip pass from family and getting close to sea every time, I used to do it whenever I want, even in nights, that memories are still deep inside sea of mind, the sound, breeze, blue sky and feet touching smooth sea sand and kept pulling me towards him

I remember the song we used to listen on family trips, I don’t know what they meant that time but whenever we get place nearby seashore I realize what deep thought behind every word in the song had.

माजे राजा, माजे मोगा, तुजे नावाक जोडता नाव

फुलाफुलांक पुशीत आयलो, तुजेमाजे प्रीतीचो गाव

Gave me true goan vibes

सागर किनारे, दिल ये पुकारे

तू जो नहीं तो मेरा कोई नहीं है

and many more songs to add from playlist...

Sun used to peek from horizon and gives boo while unaware of his presence, and sprinkled with vitamin D and we lay down in smooth sand

I used to fall asleep on the shore while singing and I still sing it every lone night, thinking of night walk near shore. Every dream has been influenced by these instants.

The kid I used to be that time has never grown till now, because that mystery of sea resides in my heart and that moment I lived are beyond the words, telling me Don’t grow up too quickly, he let’s you love the seashore.

Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, the waves whisper to me:

“If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard.”

that sound I still hear, that view I never forget, that feeling won’t come again and most important moment I had with loved ocean will be at my heart forever.

I promise I won’t stop staring at you and he won’t stop refreshing our soul, thanks for making me humble, inspired and salty

To the sun sets at my beloved horizon from love the sea lives in every one of us

"Now, I have a rendezvous beyond my beloved horizon."

From ♥ with Mangesh Madhav Kulkarni

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