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Life Worth 1500/-

"The time you run behind money, Every time you run you're losing a moment in your life"

Life is not what we earn; its what we take from moment and building a bond between yourself and others who trust and believe in.

Just few months before i found work to do and made just around 1500 only for designing a poster for short film, though it was an easy job to do but taught lesson of life.

a close friend of mine was about to leave city for his education and struggling for artist work ended with rejection. Finally agreed to celebrate last day with us and i agreed to join for his send off. we had a known place where we met and enjoyed every little time from sunrise and sunset; as we were strugglers we used to write and shoot what we experienced overtime.

we gathered at bridge and that time it was 10pm in the night, we got something to eat. we had very last conversation and i was at my usual place sitting on the edge of bridge where water touched feet and cold breeze touched every inch of skin, lights were iridescent and magical got me dazzled for a while and suddenly i disconnected. I was unable to hear anything; not even single word from friends just saw them moving mouths and i was just nodding, just water flowing underneath and amazing lights.

I heard something popped into water i thought it's just fish but the feeling made me ignore that too. That was my mistake realised after sometime. I asked them "Should i get something more to eat because i'm starving." they agreed and i reached my hand to my wallet which wasn't there. by the time it was too late to realise the sound i heard that something popped into water was none the less my wallet sinked to the depth of water. that was too hard that what i got work since long time and that just got into water that was precious for me that time

every single penny i worked for settled into depth beyond my reach.

i was literally crying like baby and suddenly friends asked what happened, took me over 20min to get into conscious and able to talk. As i told them they were worried too.

they managed to relax me for while because it happened now and let it go, it was never meant to be yours, you will get more. and i was stubborn to get it back now or never....

no one was looking at me in dark forgot what happened and they tried to focus on moment. it was impossible for me to stay patient. i slipped through dark and removed my cloths and jumped into water; that moment i forgot i cant swim. struggled getting out of water. Soon they realised i was into water and struggling to breathe and reached my hand it was last moment close to death that easy. every second was precious still i was searching for 1500 rupees and documents lost into water.

it was ice cold water and like fish out the water, i was struggled into water for air.

after moment they got my hand took me on the ground. i shivering like hell. they offered me jacket because i was completely naked in front of them with nothing in hand from the worthless effort. i wasn't shy because it didn't matter.

on the ground i was cried half and hour without getting dried and everyone embraced around me to forget and start from new.

my mind still running around wallet that i loved most and expensive thing in my life. i kept many gifts into it like cadbury silk i got from best friend at first conversation was very precious, a miniature clapboard made of acrylic was gift from first shoot, a indian flag always infront, and some useless documents.

It happened again cried for long and everyone made final worthy effort paid. soon i made promise to myself that i will never sit on the edge where i lost wallet, and will never cry for the money which was never worth whole life...i believed that each work i did was precious than money and what mattered that i would work hard so that i can earn more. and from slightly hoped that some miracle will happen and it will be back to my pocket.

we were on the way to return and i was still searching for it. we reached where we gathered and made plan to visit bridge for last time. we were at the block where we stood there bought chips and drinks. I looked to the tree in dark, saw rock under it. It was pitch black dark, got my attention and soon tears rolled more and got that rock into hand.

That lifeless rock was actually my wallet which was fallen from my pocket after i took money from it for food. I showed it to friends and in instant i was beaten so hard for risking my life for what was worthless and cried like dumb, still danced like no one watching.

Life was not worth 1500/-

Lesson Learned and beaten hard

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