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A Phase

An electrocardiogram (ECG) measures the electrical activity of your heart. Which tells us that we are still alive and there are many ups and downs which signifies that even if your heart moves so why don't you?

2019 was an year full of tolerance and sufferings, it made me fall hard on the ground, I even walked out of the family. A Negativity, which I hope will end after some days. Yet all achievements can't be ignored. It Defined a step and it won't be taken back. Some people I met were true and I cherish them.. and some left mark in my memories..

Days used, to begin with a smile and hope passed with some extraordinary things even by living in dreams, finding a home somewhere, been a reason or joke for someone's laugh, lost anger by few kilos, got addicted, yes.. I can't lie, but I came out of it also. Some people surely know me better now, some will miss me, still they will keep me in the corner, I did nothing wrong. I followed my dreams till sunset, I walked close to sea and stayed as captain for a while, finding hope beyond beloved horizon struggled ship which was falling apart from own. Did I find it? The Answer is "not actually", but I try my best, every day and night.

Someone I am always going to miss is our little dog named "Kuku". We lost him few months ago, he made me come back early at home to see him laugh and play. Lost some blood ones because they don't have same vibe in them now...that was difficult!

..And now story time,

There was a boy who was on the voyage of happiness, one day he fell on the ground may be some one knocked him down, but he had courage to look back in eyes and say want to be same down to earth person as i am? That's an open end question.

Yes, I also want to mention that, I met my childhood in Irani Cafe, while sipping almost four and half cup of tea and omelette which is maybe her favorite. I don't actually remember my childhood but I am sure, that I am still the same person now. We should write book over it soon. I also saw myself from different aspect and things. I was lost whereas it is.. I was just searching everywhere. May be connecting things and some theory of relativity worked well. Dear Goddess, thank you for saving my life😅, for not letting me die at the end of a year and to let me live for another coming year.

What an year it was!

I found my passion & compassion,

my name and fame,

my respect and pride,

moments to live for,

Reason to die for,

Living a filmy life like a blockbuster movie,

killing it with pen,

Traveling with fantasies and Head high.

Hope | Dream | Love

We will meet next year

Till then see you beyond my beloved horizon...

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