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Being a real life actor | Part Three : Story


The character who is writing this story is real, for now!, and all of his conflicts and experiences are his own or Influenced by surrounding environment, that doesn’t resemble anyone else's, but if you think you can relate to them, you still can with piece of it. However, I don't let that inner story go into the deepest void.

Let me guide you through some of my most unexpected life situations, grab a cup of a cup of tea and settle in. You know, life has this incredible technique of apprehending us off guard. So let me to be your guide you on an emotional journey that will likely include humor, mistakes and even a few life lessons.

Saturday 3rd June, 2023, Met a amazingly beautiful people with great stories to tell and share kindness, we were talking till 12 then i had to rush because of my friend had a severe accident yet he had story to tell, They all shared their life experiences even their ups and downs, dreams and smiles, i don't know where time was at that moment. All i got to know from them when you have peace, love, compassion, kindness and a stories to tell, you feel life differently and see love everywhere. I loved every bit of it because everyone moment was filled with love and small eye contacts.

As a storyteller, I believe that storytellers are change-makers, we need to show up with great stories and make a difference in the world. This might be less compelling blog but will try to keep you little entertained by some experiences.

Next day, I decided to ride my motorbike because I wanted to meet people i really wanted to meet, drizzled a little but i had big smile on face. I stopped at a lone Tea Stall after only a short ride. I don't like to speak up, so I just react when it's required but after seeing me smiling at void but when I looked at him he got into contagious happiness shared by smile and asked why I am happy. I was blank at that moment but told him my experiences and After nearly an hour of talking, he was on the verge of inhaling deeply and smiling at void too and few people got confused with our gesture why these dumbasses looking at sky? Is there anything in sky? Or they are just mad? But we were inhaling our happiness deep inside our lungs.

Being capable to express to a compelling tale, more than any other, is what we've come to realize makes the difference. We all have stories about who we are. We are defined by our stories. Knowing someone well requires understanding their life story—the events that have impacted them, the struggles and pivotal moments that have put them to the test. When we want to get to know someone, we tell them about our upbringing, our families, our schooling, our first loves, the formation of our political opinions, and such.

Everyone has a story. No one's life is boring. Everyone has something to say.

You just need to know how to connect past, present, and future in a way that makes sense. So before revealing this short story, I am trying to tell this part with justice and also making this compelling reason to grab it.

Stories define us. To know someone well is to know Their story—the experiences that have shaped one, the trials and turning points that have tested them. Seldom is a good story so needed, though, as when a major change of professional direction is under way—when we are leaving A without yet having left it and moving toward B without yet having gotten there. In a time of such unsettling transition, telling a compelling story to someone inspires belief in our motives, character, and capacity to reach the goals we’ve set.

Stories worth telling fall somewhere between conversations and being heard.

Despite appearances, we are actually more alone than ever before, despite being more connected than ever. We don't even directly experience our own lives outside of some artificial lens, like reading a book or hearing a story. And we certainly don't experience other people's lives, since everyone is playing a crucial role in their own story. Is it possible to be solo while also living many lives? Yes, but this is not the same thing as having multiple personality disorder.

Life that emerges from the void creates infinite plots and characters for dramatic story, it should be dramatic always and I have no explanation for that, Sorry!. It’s you only create or experience sequence of events dramatically to live a good life and Do you think it always happens in standard or sequential order?

When you are introduced to this world there comes a point where story allows you to discover you character and then drama starts, Intense music playing the background with fast transitions to events that builds your character and comes to point where you want to share it with someone. Some experience these things in real or they imagine but when it gets momentum after sharing those stories.

The world that the story takes place gets influenced by setting, the time period, the culture, and the societal norms all play a role in shaping the story and its characters.

Stories are dynamic and complex, with their own motivations, desires, and fears. As the story progresses, the characters should change and develop in response to the events that unfold. These changes can be internal, such as a shift in attitude or belief, or external, such as a change in physical appearance or circumstance.

Everyone has a unique story to tell, and it's important to embrace it. Remember, nobody can walk out of their own story. Keep being you! :)

It's important to get the story correct in order to inspire others as well as ourselves. Anyone attempting to change requires creating a tale that links their past and new self. Because it is during times of transition that we often fail to connect all of our lives into a single cohesive unit.

I will need more experience writing my own life story living as an actor, until i reach my beloved horizon. I have experienced so many things at a time living as an actor.

All these moments and people I wanted to mention you will meet same once at some point exactly when you will not expect it, definitely you will relate them but life with story begins with conversations and keeping time away for a while is good for your sweet little heart.

3rd June, 2023

Beyond my beloved horizon.

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