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Being a Real-Life Actor - Part two | Dream

आँखें धोखा खाती हैं, ये किसको पता नहीं

जाने क्या है यहाँ और, जाने यहाँ क्या नहीं

है ये माया या सपना.


After a busy day, I woke up last night to a nightmare. My only memory is of saving some people and turning into a noble person, but the adversary ruined my dream sequence by just executing me and plunging me into the abyss, so perhaps my workload aided me envision a dreadful dream.

Before you finish the article, I just have one question for you: Have you ever had a dream that you were in a movie and that you were saving people's lives and becoming their hero? Everything you did whilst you were asleep simply vanishes when you wake up, and you have no memory of the dream at all. However, you think you accomplished greatness despite your inability to recall it.

Even while you're awake, you dream of acting in your own film as I would have, complete with a great life, a gorgeous actress, and music to dance to ( In Bollywood dancing it is, but in Hollywood or French movies the plot is different😉).

Many people have the desire to become an actor or actress (Protagonist) in a motion picture. Being a part of an industry that is so adored by so many people and appearing on the big screen in front of millions of viewers on a large 70mm dream is simply exhilarating. But what does it mean to dream that you're an actor in a movie?


Have you ever had a dream where you were living the life of a famous actor or celebrity? If so, you're not alone. Many people have experienced this type of dream, and it can be a fascinating experience.

Like every dream has a meaning to it and dreams may be powerful representations of our unconsciousness and a peek into our darkest desires and fears. Being an actor in a movie in your dream may represent a desire for attention and recognition. You cannot challenge the fact that this neurological phenomenon exists. Your perception that you are not receiving the respect you deserve in the real world may be reflected in this dream. Your dream may be a reflection of your worries about performing and being in the spotlight because acting in front of millions of people may be a nerve-wracking experience. It might also be a reflection of your worries about failing, not being good enough, or not being accepted.

Sometimes all we desire is the spotlights and the Red Carpet, but some people actually achieve that in reality. (We hear it always)

Your passion for creativity and artistic expression is shown by these dreams. As an actor, you have the opportunity to express yourself and give a character life, and this dream may reflect your desire to do so in reality. You desire to make yourself the epicenter of your own universe. These dreams might serve as a method for our subconscious to explore alternative identities and ways of life that we might not be able to experience during the day.

Few people are made for huge screens, While other people are designed to live larger lives.

As we are simultaneously aware that the events in our dream are not real yet nevertheless feel like we are experiencing them, this sense of realism in our dreams may be both thrilling and disconcerting.

But why do we, in particular, aspire to live the life of a real-world actor or celebrity? According to one idea, the media and entertainment we watch and listen to during the daytime influences our dreams. It's possible that we have a specific affinity for the personalities and way of life of some performers, and that we can explore these interests and desires in a safe and creative environment through our dreams.

Ultimately, the meaning of a dream where we are living the life of a famous actor or celebrity is unique to each individual. Some people may interpret these dreams as a reflection of their own desires and aspirations, while others may see them as a way to explore different identities and lifestyles. Whatever the case may be, these dreams can be a fascinating window into our subconscious minds.


We encounter difficulties and setbacks throughout life, which can make us feel as though our objectives and ambitions are unattainable. But the truth is that if we put enough effort and faith in ourselves, we can all accomplish everything we set our minds to. So dream big and never accept anything less than what you passionately desire. You earn it.

This was a short overview of Part 2 of the tale. We can continue to the next plot after a while. You traveled a great distance to look for something that is not nearby. Do you not see? It exists in you.

Into an endless pursuit! Beyond my beloved horizon!❤

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