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Deep Dive!

Updated: May 28, 2021

It's 3:20 am, struggling to breathe and just woke up from a bad dream and eyes wide open thinking what was that.

When you are standing at the edge thoughts and memories that you kept inside are continuously slapping you and at that edge, you take a deep breath and close your eyes just to make all thoughts let go and clear the dark clouds alas! as you close your eyes heart beats too hard and your plunge off the edge and into the void, as you are about to hit the ground and crushed into thousands of pieces you are aback. My dreams take me to such bone-chilling disturbance. And these nightmares sometimes get me off my bed, feeling so vulnerable and out of control. As I swim against the rising waves of the ocean we think that we are going to make it to the end but crashing against the shore, we are so vulnerable at the time that body bends and breaks, in the simpler way there are some things in mind going on that cause such dreams. I tried to dig down such dreams on the internet and found out the dreams of falling endlessly are a sign of insecurity or instability, anxiety, or things that are out of control to foothold and unable to keep up with the demands of life. These things happen in the preconscious mind stupidly to warn you about life, things are out of control must be left for a while and find the balance, context can be anything or even related to your daily ritual. These dreams kept frightening me some days oftentimes but now hope and effort are turned into a cure. The cure is simple I surrendered to the dream and kept falling endlessly but with the hope that a moment I reach the ground, there will be someone's flawless hands waiting for me, who will lift me up. I don't have to care about the world besides me that flawless know my efforts and definitely guide me to the world that resides in me. A deep dive into darkness is now diving into starlight. A dreamer can only find his way by moonlight there's no point to stop the dream. They're going to come out whenever they decide it is their time. Better just to close your eyes and hold on tight, the faster to get the things you fear to go back to sleep themselves.

People who fall the hardest, bounce back the highest-paid

Sometimes we need to hit rock bottom before we start a new stage. Dreams of this nature alert us to becoming more cognizant of our actions and behaviors in our life. Let it go, surrender yourself to the situation, and learn to pick ourselves up. what makes a person successful is the ability to fall, understand the situation and figure out the way to stand up, and go on, stronger than before. There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure, No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid

Every great dream starts with a dreamer, you have within you the hope, the strength, and the positivity to reach for the stars to change the world.
Let your dreams come true flawless and Eyes Chico They never lie but they need some sleep now!
Beyond my beloved horizon ❤️

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