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I'm trying to reach THE HORIZON! - Sun

You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way".
Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

A wonderful sunset, the sun was crawling to meet horizon and spreading bright hue of energy behind, experiencing the same thing over and over again but a day is different, moments and breath. Nothing is unique in the sundown but waiting for new makes it pleasing a hope and purpose. Paying attention to every detail is not possible oftentimes but whenever you do you remember moments, not days!.

Rush always be there in the path, one who stops by side from the flow notices life. Roadside or anyplace disconnecting from the rush gathers moment, gets momentum inside to find a way, purpose and hope. A self-moment is all we need to discover what's going on with your efforts and the time you have.

I did it once, again maybe!, Same place and the same sunset. Rush was the same but as you breakout from flow, everyone will start to notice that you are idle. But you see difference rush feels pointless.

A journey within you is never a sprint, it's the pace of your heart wherever it goes!

It’s very unfortunate that we are pretty much running like machines and for machines. We don’t even catch what we are doing half the time. This might have happened to you: Driving down a road, and after a moment you ask yourself, “How did I even get here?” You can't even get the last few moments of your life traveling to get where you are.

I was on the footpath and every passerby tried to dig in his mind what made this person stop here for?. And you keep looking at them why the hell is looking at me?. Forget that! Let's get to our sunset, he was crawling to meet the horizon but his efforts shine with a bright hue, his own momentum was within himself. Efforts shine way differently if you can notice them for someone as the sun does while hoping to meet the horizon!. This moment sun does every day but how often did you see doing it! His efforts got ignored by this rush. Whatever he does, does every day!. Once you ignore the efforts of all little things and moments you forget in an instant. Efforts are real and the intention meant to felt inside out. Honor the efforts and hope no matter how much.

Now, the sun is about to reach the horizon and taking its shine away and uniting slowly with the horizon, again though his efforts shined before are blended with darkness. That doesn't mean it's the conclusion, it's the moment he takes time to rise up again! He will make efforts again, hope he shines brighter tomorrow!

The story is over but the present, this very moment. right now! You are living in the now, the past and the future are just states of mind. Let go of all the darkness in your life and find your way to present.

With little effort, you will find the little things in life more beautiful. Whenever you catch yourself dwelling on an issue, remember the sun tries to unite with the horizon every day!

Now I'm on the way to my horizon hope my efforts would shine brighter.

It feels so relaxing to write and also will make blissful to share with someone and don't forget to drop a ❤

Beyond my beloved horizon ❤
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