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Keep Scrolling!

Hutzpah!, हम हैं कि हम नहीं? हम हैं तो क्यों हैं और नहीं हैं तो कहाँ गए ... जनाब... हम थे भी की हम थे ही नहीं?

Scrolling through endless posts, even if you go deep you will come across old things you noticed a little and it goes on. Someone has made the universe in hands to explore and keeps moving towards infinity.

The world is divergent and meant to converge inside the mind.

I often experienced it looking for something and ended up with something else; Alas, you keep going. If you are still reading this, my friend, you are converged into my writing! Got you. The same thing happened right?

Apart from psychology, chemicals and mechanics of the brain connecting dots is a real thing, we can connect finite things in perception but unconsciously create endless stories. Who might have thought that you might end up scrolling Instagram for hours and hours and lead you connecting people for social interaction or someone's Lead?

The emotions are stirred more quickly than intelligence so as scrolling and swiping effortlessly. It made the connection, interaction and indulgence more simple, thoughts are so easy to share while just tapping. Tapa tap tapa tap, send and scroll old conversations and get lost in memories.

It's just a thought while scrolling doesn't mean that you are wasting time, exploring or discovering might be the right word. Even your surfing through this article is due to it. There's a chance that what I have to say after this will be fascinating, amusing, or helpful to you in some other manner.

Perspectives that appear in your mind are much closer than they are perceived, But you don’t have to give in.

Beyond my beloved horizon.
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