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More about you...Little about me

Art, like love, moves the heart in unexpected directions, sometimes the most beautiful thing is the one that comes to you unexpectedly and unearned, hence something given truly as a gift, Yes I tried every effort honestly to earn those beautiful moments.

Cold shivers still rush through my soul, an unexpected euphoria when I remember those moments I get lost into eyes. Voice still runs through my ears, same eyes still get shy for a bit and little laugh and little us. Like a song on repeat, lyrics got her every time and he enjoyed the music, Found reasons to believe in harmony. I was seeking eyes that had millions of emotions and thousands of feelings yet she hides into starlight and that was the first game we played Hide and seek. you still get those butterflies in your stomach. When you in that amazing moment, every time you see.

A journey to find happiness in one's eyes became my only purpose and on that path, I was always finding laughs and smiles every day! Even smiles became more contagious and got everyone affected and every day I used to get happier.

Anyone can look at other's eyes but efforts can see into each other's souls through the eyes. Eyes are like an ocean in which dreams are reflected and I found reason to search it beyond the beloved horizon❤...Ahh eyes chico they never lie!..

Unexpected every day, moments, smiles and unexpected gifts.


We know people through walk together more than sitting somewhere. Most unexpected walk but I dreamt of having one and never-ending. It felt like a journey that I would never want to escape and helped me let go of so many fears when she was by my side. All the time I wanted to hold hands to sync with her. I just wanted to make this moment get comfortable for a while and become distant from the world of worries. We had a walk to know more about her and less about the place and little me was becoming more with every step. Experiencing euphoria as describing herself in situations and places that were true by heart. She kept talking and having a walk together asking questions, sharing her experiences with places, people but she was living in the moment and I was lost in her world,

If we have to hold hands and walk how our right hands could be together...One would be right, and one would be together

हाथ थम चलना हो, तो दोनो के दये हाथ संग कैसे ?
एक दाया होगा, एक बाया होगा

Though we kept walking and having a conversation moment felt like a dream. The walk was worth remembering was one man signaled at us gestured good together I lived that moment for a while.


How wonderful it is to be able to write someone a letter!. I never thought about writing them but that was beautiful even if handwriting was ugly. Expression of words through letters is uncommon these days but I found that fascinating with two-three lines are enough to express your thoughts and emotions.

“Life is bearable when you have someone to write, and someone who writes you back. One Special Person.”
― Eunjin Jang

I have discovered that little folded pieces of paper can go farther with life and immortalize with emotions!. Waiting for replies can even get you caught but till that moment you are so habitual to get teased.

Hide and Seek

We have been playing this game for a long time, It is a joy to be hidden, and a fondness not to be found. She hides a meaning that the spirit seeks, we used to hide under the same sky and all world around us seek our secrets. She used to hide somewhere and getting lost on purpose in her world, Seeking her in her own was a voyage. Some time openly emotions and expressions invite to stop time for a while and gaze at flawless eyes. Eyes used to hide expressions and blush what a divine feel.

Poems and Songs

Reason to write and sing can make you calm and happy or make you sleep, they never knew what I was writing but when discovered nights felt more cozy and cold and every day new words described the moments FYI I write till now but busy people you know.


Life is like a Comrade... your deep conversation makes your Comrade too closer to you with all happiness & then you start loving it...Is close friend, companion. If we vibe we support and stand for each other share time and love. Describing the day and moments was adorable and sharing everything even it was little made both happy and that smile was priceless. The one who is behind you always fulfilling your dreams is a real comrade. If someone is making effort to make you happy while you good or bad be a comrade if that doesn't help a little hug will do with silence a comfort.

Some things in life should be felt by the heart and make you happy it's little infinity. Be a comrade to the ones who love you. Infinity

In this journey, we both have the same butterflies flying around with lots of smiles and moments, efforts were real,
A little mine and more yours.

Lot of things to say but butterflies do their work so nicely that words don't matter, all we need is happiness and little efforts

Beyond my beloved horizon ❤

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