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I have a few ins and outs I've been writing for the new year

Forget flipping the calendar, this year I'm doing a soul flip! No more doubting myself like a broken record. Out goes the fear of taking chances, like finally talking to loved ones. In comes passion, burning bright like a thousand suns, and I'm done pleasing everyone but myself.

In is having feelings, baby go fall in love. I want you to write a poem about how you honestly believe someone was sent to you from above. Out is second guessing, out is being confused, out is being the second choice, feeling worthless being used.

New Hope, New year 2024

This year, I'm feeling all the feels, no holding back! No more second-guessing or settling for crumbs. I want the whole world of mine, overflowing with joy and the guts to make the first move. Toxic habits and addictions? Gone and forgotten in last year. I'm speaking my mind, loud and proud, because this is my life, and I'm the director (with maybe a little help from my awesome friends).

Honesty is what made me do it thanks for believing in me, and I'm finally seeing the amazing person I've become, scars and all. Bad dates and settling? Buh-bye! I'm cleaning up my mess (both my room and my life) and taking responsibility for my own happiness.

So thank you, celestial being, for gracing my world,
For showing me depths of love, banishing every tear.
In your eyes, I see forever, a destiny unfurled,
Souls woven together, in this beautiful world.

Let's ditch the boring beige and wear the rainbow! Brunch for two? Heck yeah! And while we're at it, why not confess I've been head over heels for you since day one? No more mind games, let's just be real and see where it goes.

We shared moments at night with cozy words,
Confessions whispered where dreams take flight.
No judgments linger, no doubts dare intrude,
Just souls dancing, and perfectly understood.

Who needs a comfort zone when there's a whole world out there? I'm blasting music in earbuds, scribbling notes in my favourite book, and trying a million new things. Forget playing it cool, I'm rocking my own weird and wonderful style.

One big "in" this year? Sharing my words, poetry and all. No more fear of rejection, I'm letting my voice fly! Every poem is a thank you to you, my love, for chasing away the shadows and showing me the fireworks in my own heart.

So cheers to new beginnings, to saying bye-bye to blah and hello to wow! Let's paint this year with vibrant "ins," celebrate our true selves, and find the magic in being perfectly, wonderfully us. Remember, your story is epic, so grab the mic and sing it loud! Happy New Year to a year of letting go and letting love light the way!

मेरी दुनियाँ घूमती थी साये में,

संदेह था रोज़ रात, दबे स्वर में।

पर तुम्हारी हंसी गूंज उठी, सुरज की तरह,

पिघला दी ठंढ, जगा दी आँखों में नई जिंदगी।

You'll see me there, I'm sure. Toward the horizon, Finally, who knows?
Beyond my beloved horizon ❤

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